WHY Global Sell ?
Global Sell is a PolyReg licensed precious Metal Trader, specialized in Trading of LBMA approved Investment Gold Bars and coins. The Gold is provided from the worldwide best refineries.

On one hand, Global Sell has the possibility to sell physical Gold from the three main Swiss Refineries. Combining the three Brands, our limit of daily deliveries on spot or long-term basis is fixed by the financial limits of the counterparty.

On the other hand, Global Sell can also deliver tailormade quantities or smaller quantities to B2B conditions.

Our small structure allows a flexible treatment of each request. We can easily handle the delivery in Switzerland and abroad.

Global Sell delivers Bullion Gold in standard Lingot form and sizes to Private Banks and professional Gold Traders.

We are direct buyers from the main Swiss Refineries and can offer excellent selling and delivering conditions to our institutional Clients.

Further to the selling and delivery conditions, Global Sell’s USP is an extraordinary capacity of daily and long-term delivery quantity with a strong Customer Experience.

Global Sell’s sold Gold Lingots have, without exception, a swiss Hallmark and a recent certificate (< 2 years).

Global Sell can also manage the creation of personalized Marketing Gadgets and Gold Lingots as well as organize the pressing of Lingots with the Logo of your Company. With Global Sell, you find solutions and a strong Partner in the Gold Business.

Global Sell's Strategical Approach
Our Vision
Global Sell is a worldwide respected Player in physical Gold Trading.
Our Mission
Maintain solid relations with world leading Refineries and serious distributors.
Our Constraints
Perfect Due Diligence - Face the strong resistance against Gold Traders.
Identify, choose, contact and create relations with serious long-term Partners.
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